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Travel Advisors Smooth the Way for Post-Pandemic Getaways

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As travel opportunities reopen with increasing COVID-19 vaccinations and a decline in cases, eager travelers are booking post-pandemic trips to connect with friends and family, celebrate a special occasion, or just get out of the house.However, after years of making their own travel arrangements online, many potential travelers are rediscovering the value of a professional travel advisor to identify and navigate the variety and shifting safety protocols of post-pandemic travel.

“We are dealing with a fragmented travel landscape with shifting public health protocols and entry restrictions that are constantly changing,” says Brianna Glenn, owner and travel designer at, a boutique travel service that designs custom vacations.”Travelers don’t need the added stress of trying to navigate this new maze on their own, a good travel advisor can smooth the way and get their trip off to a great start,” she adds.

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“For example, I just had a honeymoon trip that had their outbound flight delayed due to weather and they missed their connecting flight to Frankfurt on their way to Croatia. We stepped in and worked with United to rebook their flights, secure a hotel inside the Frankfurt airport since they were not able to leave the transit area and adjust their hotel booking and airport transfers in Dubrovnik without them having to worry about a thing.

“Results of a survey by the travel industry website Skift showed that almost half of Americans planning post-pandemic travel plan to use travel advisors.Some key benefits of engaging a professional travel advisor to plan your post-pandemic trip include:- Preparation upfront. An old wedding planning adage says, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Especially in the post-pandemic landscape, a good plan is essential, and a professional advisor, like a good wedding planner, can make sure that everything is set up in advance.Advance planning includes knowing what to expect at your destination regarding safety protocols such as masking requirements and testing or quarantine requirements.- Backup if you need it. Upscale travelers are seeking peace of mind and expertise as they plan the often complex and exotic trips they have dreamed about during more than a year of staying at home.

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The more complex the trip, the more important it is to have a knowledgeable advocate in your corner if something goes wrong or if safety regulations should suddenly change.Professional travel advisors can help with purchasing travel insurance to recoup costs in case of cancellation due to COVID and with negotiating refunds if reservations, flights, cruises, or other travel-related activities are cancelled.”There is a big difference between people who love to travel, and people who love to plan travel,” Ms. Glenn says.”Ultimately, we save you hours of time and energy so you can focus on the things that matter most to you,” she emphasizes.Visit to learn how professional travel advisors can help make your post-pandemic getaway flow smoothly.



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