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4 Tips to Clean Up Mom’s Schedule This Mother’s Day

 4 Tips to Clean Up Mom’s Schedule This Mother’s Day Perbesar

With Mother’s Day nearly here, it might be a good idea to start thinking about what to get Mom. While anyone can give her flowers, candy or dinner at a restaurant, why not forgo the old “disposable” gifts, and instead put a little imagination into her special day this year?

Think about it—your mom is most likely an inspiring, amazing, wonderful lady, so why shouldn’t her gift be as well? After all, this is the woman who makes your favorite meal when you’re home, washes (and probably folds) your laundry without complaint, forgoes her own needs in order to meet yours and a litany of other tasks that help your life run smoothly.

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To that point, why not help Mom (or wife or grandmother) out by doing what she’s done for you for so long? Give a gift that keeps on giving: a clean house. The following tips are sure to help spark an alternative approach for the second Sunday in May:

• Do the windows. The following solution will give windows a streak- and smudge-free shine: Combine one gallon of water to one-half cup of vinegar, one-half cup of rubbing alcohol and about two squirts of Dawn dishwashing liquid. Pour into a spray bottle, and use newspaper instead of paper towels to make windows shine.

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• Tackle the chores she doesn’t have time to do. This includes window washing (see above), wiping down baseboards, light switches and cabinets and dusting shutters and blinds.

• Use efficient cleaners. A recent survey shows that U.S. adults spend an average of 13 hours per week cleaning their home. So, why not help mom out by doing it for her? With various products on the market, such as CLR’s Bath & Kitchen Cleaner or Stainless Steel Cleaner, the time it takes to spruce up the house can be cut in half. Currently the company has everything you need to make the house sparkle, including sinks, tubs, showerheads and appliances to patio furniture, cement, grills, driveways and gutters. In addition, the products are environmentally friendly, so you needn’t worry about their effects.

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• Move appliances and furniture. The big-ticket items in the house tend to get lost in the daily, weekly and even monthly rotation of cleaning. To that end, surprise mom by moving and scrubbing behind appliances like stoves and refrigerators, and furniture such as couches and recliners.

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